Depression and Heart Disease

We are creatures of habit. Depression occurs when we get stuck in habitual patterns that keep us unhappy. We are often unaware of the patterns, and don’t think that things could be any different. These negative patterns are formed by an accumulation of specific unresolved events. Examples are physical and emotional shocks or traumas, and… Read more »

How to Become Strong Enough to Forgive and Smart Enough Not to Get Hooked

Anger is a completely normal and healthful emotion. It helps us focus our awareness on situations that require our attention, and helps us rouse the energy needed to protect ourselves from harm. But when anger is frozen into cynical hostility or resentment, it robs us of our natural capacity to give and receive the love… Read more »

Good Fats and Bad Fats

Increase Intake of Omega-3 and Reduce Omega-6 Fats for Improved Health Most of us want to increase our overall health and energy level. We want to prevent heart disease, cancer, arthritis, depression and Alzheimer’s. One of the best things we can do to address these concerns is to balance the intake of the omega-3 fats… Read more »