Currently, I am offering a free initial consultation so that you can experience a session without any financial risk.

Treatments may be eligible for insurance reimbursement. For most insurance plans, I require payment at the time of your visit, and I will provide you with a receipt describing the services I have provided. You are responsible for determining whether my services are covered by your plan and for filing any insurance claims. For most plans, I will be considered an “out of network” provider. Talk with your insurance company to find out what your requirements are for co-payment and deductibles. I will do my best to work within these rules to make my services affordable.

These suggested fees can be adjusted to make our services available and affordable.

Brief Session: up to 30 minutes for $75.

Full Session: up to 60 minutes for $150.

Extended Session: up to 90 minutes for $200.

Please speak with me if you have financial concerns. The primary goal of this practice is to serve the community, not to make money.

For more information about my free initial consultation or to schedule a session,  please submit a message in the contact form below!