My Approach as a Behavioral Psychotherapist

Many issues are best resolved with a comprehensive approach that includes all aspects of the body/mind. Distress or imbalance in one level affects all the others. In the assessment process, we identify issues and design strategies to restore balance and optimal functioning. Medication can provide some comfort, but true healing requires a change in the patterns (complexes woven through all layers of our being) that cause distress.

Two major components of assessment include history taking and pulse taking. History taking provides valuable background and perspective on an intellectual level. Pulse taking is a way of directly listening to the body, to hear the story beneath the story in a more intuitive way.

Paying attention to an issue is the first step to transforming it. Through treatment we can develop focus and attention to specific issues. This is the path to finding the critical points where deep and lasting change can begin.

Sometimes it is helpful to briefly discuss trauma or loss from the past. We often get stuck in painful patterns that were formed in the past, and recognizing this can be a step towards reforming the pattern.

But sometimes dwelling in the past can be a way of staying stuck. Treatment is often most effective when the focus is on the present. No matter how we were victimized in the past, we cannot recover until we find a way to get out of the role of the victim. We need to find a way, in present time, to reclaim our lost power and strength.

During these uncertain times with covid-19, I can understand and appreciate people being nervous about face to face meetings, so I wanted to let you know the sessions can be accomplished with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, over the phone.

I am willing to work with my clients in any way that makes them feel comfortable, if you do prefer in person sessions, all Covid-19 protocols will be observed. Please take care of yourself during these stressful and uncertain times, and if you allow me to help you, it is a privilege I welcome!

Individualized Treatment Options