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Good Fats and Bad Fats

Increase Intake of Omega-3 and Reduce Omega-6 Fats for Improved Health Most of us want to increase our overall health and energy level. We want to prevent heart disease, cancer, arthritis, depression and Alzheimer’s. One of the best things we can do to address these concerns is to balance the intake of the omega-3 fats… Read more »

Reduce Grains & Sugar to Lose Weight & Improve Health

Diet is a controversial subject with an abundance of contradictory advice being offered. For example, Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution advocates a high fat, very low carbohydrate diet. Almost completely opposite advice (very low fat and higher carbohydrates) is given in Eat More, Weigh Less: Dr. Dean Ornish’s Life Choice Program for Losing Weight Safely… Read more »